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This will change over time and like many things on our lovely blog, ever-expanding!

Q: Do you take written items other than books?

A: Absolutely! We love zines/self-published works and always are taking singular submissions for bound anthologies.

Q: How do I donate books?

A: Easy! Though our process will become more refined/defined as we get bigger, right now; just email us to set up a time to acquire them. If you’d like, we would be more than happy to add your name to our special Thank You page as well.
Q: Do I have to join a mailing list or become a member to use BookCycle PDX?

A: Never! If you’re a Portlander, you’re in!

Q: How much does it cost to participate?

A: Free-99. 😀

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: In short, we are passionate about reading and all aspects tied to it and want to share this love with the community.

Q: Are you guys “green”, I mean, really?

A: Bravo, a very Portland question! We can honestly say we are quite sustainable and strive to make every part of BookCycle PDX a reflection of something we care deeply about through our actions. You can read our more detailed view and approach to sustainability Here.

Q: How can I get a BookCycle PDX bookcase at my local business?

A: Also easy! We go more in-depth on the process over here, which mainly outlines what kinds of benefits having a BookCycle PDX bookcase can bring to you/your business as well as some general tips to what makes certain types of venues more ideal than others… but even if your business might not be of a certain description, we would still love to talk to you! Start the dialog by emailing us:

Q: Are there any types of books you DON’T accept?

A: We aren’t your conservative relatives’ library… or anyone’s. Obviously in extreme libelous or outwardly negative texts, we will need to deliberate; but we strive to keep the span of texts as wide as possible. Yes, we are happily very family-friendly and are sensitive to locations that are frequented by children. But in the same breath we support all sorts of literature being accessible to those who want it and if we can offer it, we will. We feel close-mindedness knows no age/gender/political affiliation/orientation and are happy to do our part to break through that.

Q: Can I just put books I want to donate on a BookCycle PDX bookcase?

A: Well, you can, but may you? No. We have a simple but very specific intake system as well as the need for all BookCycle PDX books to be stamped with our logo. Please check out our upcoming events or email us ( to arrange donations… Some locations are kind enough to allow drop-off points at their site, check in-person to see if that is the case.  🙂

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