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Review: Pr0n 5tars

April 6, 2011

Review: Pr0n 5tars-

Pr0n 5tars is a world wide retailer of “Classy” online pornography. This was all they were until Human alien hybrids began quietly infiltrating their corporate offices. Their initial steps into the company went unnoticed, beginning with an HR rep who moved in with out anyone remembering who hired her. Soon after, a long term hiring freeze was lifted and a bevvy of slick haired young recruits make their way in. All of the recruits are geared towards a single task. The company will be the first to send live porn feeds to space.

The world doesnt get it. Why would you send Porn into space? There is no one there to watch it. Humans are on the planet surface. This is a waste of good porn. “Put it on the internet where it belongs”, they say. “give it away on the streets with free money and pizza”, others say.

Pr0n 5tars rebukes them. There are humans in space who need this porn, their porn. They claim that the cosmonauts on the space station cannot be with out. The world allows them to send pon into space for the cosmonauts sake, afterall, everyone knows they are just procrasterbating till they can return home. they need all the distractions they can get.

Frank Tanner is a mail room clerk at Pr0n 5tars. He has seen the influx of intra-office mail and knows that something big is about to happen at the corporate headquarters. It doesnt take a genius to notate that an increase in physical mail can be directly attributed to a decrease in digital. This meant secrets. Franks searches the mail, desperately looking for info. Why is Pr0n 5tars sending badly acted softcore/hardcore into space? Could it really be for the sake of lonely math geeks in zero G? Or is it more closely tied to the encoded messages in the porn that the grassroots news community claims they can prove the existence of?

Franks has a hunch that they are sending the porn further than the space station, past our solar system and into the stars beyond. Now all he needs is proof.


ok, so this is less of a review and more of a “what’s in it?’ blurb.. but that’s okay because i made this book up.
i would read it though… 🙂

so…. how are you doing today?


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