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Greetings, fellow thetans

February 18, 2011
Hi, my name is Kristina King. I am neither a mural painter nor a boxer. If you Google my name, be wary! As Mama Dawn indicated before, I’ve joined BookCylePDX as a blogger. I’ll mostly be reviewing books, but I’ll try to give you other posts of interest. The collective goal of BCPDX is to be more than a method of swapping books. (Which itself is a lofty endeavor!) Dawn, Jason and I—along with any others who may blog here in the future—want to explore literacy, education, writing, etc. in addition to good old-fashioned bibliophilia.

I have a backlog of reviews to publish here on BCPDX; I previously published them on my blog, Why do I review books? After earning my Master’s of Education I taught for a year (planning five preps), and I didn’t have time to read for enjoyment. The past three years, however, I’ve been substitute teaching and reviewing every book I read as to prevent my brain from atrophying. I’ll be posting—new and old reviews—bi-weekly, alternating with Jason, the fellow you met yesterday.

It seems I have pretty much introduced myself. I am a teacher—pretty much middle and high school English—living in Eugene. Portland is the bigger city that remains alluring because I don’t live there; however, I love to visit and hope to meet people into the BCPDX community IRL. If you want to pick a fight about something I review or write, please do! It goes with the whole brain-atrophying thing, I guess, to be challenged. Unless you’re an alien life form (yes, an ALF). That would be truly too intimidating. There’s a reason I sleep fully-clothed if I’m in bed alone. Aliens are the worst.

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  1. erisian permalink
    February 20, 2011 3:38 am

    alien life forms are the best. i am sorry, i just cannot agree.
    the ones to avoid night time visits fro are the alien undead forms.. NO BUENO!

  2. Dawn permalink
    February 23, 2011 7:44 am

    Funny that, I sleep clothed when alone too… I’ve never really analyzed why except that it’s maybe the best way to cuddle myself when I’ve not a nice warm body to share the experience with.

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