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Something Something Introthingy

February 16, 2011


Those of you who follow the @BookCyclePDX birdfeeder likely noticed that Ms KK and I are going to be regularly placing text in this glorious location.

When I met Dawn last year she told me about BookCycle and I was very excited to be a cog in the machine she envisioned. Free books via an honor type system in public places around the city?? HELL YEAH! sign my ass up, whatever i can do  assist.So D tapped me for posting drivel on the website. (Thanks

– So.. Every other Wednesday I commit to coming to this fine space and placing some form of drivel into a digital text format. This will commonly be a book review as consuming books is one of my chief pass-times. I may include pictures and such. Other stuff, technical and geeky stuff, etc etc fill in the blanks. Pick a topic and I am sure it will happen sometime. Random posts mixed in as well.. I get bored easily… And need things to occupy my brain thingy.

Watch for an intro post from Kristina King as well! KK will be taking the alternating Wednesdays… but lets not step on her toes before she has a chance to speak.

Starting this with this intro, the digital real estate of this fine website will succumb to the pain that is my writing. Property values will drop as I fail to pay my HOA dues and threaten the livelihood of your pets. My trash can will sit on the curb beginning the day after pick up, and remain there as a blight to your recently unfettered view of the cul-de-sac.


A little background information:

– My name is Jason, I am circa 33 (let me check my ID), and became a transplant to the Portland area a decade ago.

– I have been maintaining a book review blog for 3 years, no specific genre, just stuff that I think personally kicks ass.

– I think public swimming pools are absolutely disgusting.

– My favorite color is yellow, but not for cars, clothes, food, or pretty much anything else.. But no joke, it is yellow.

Oh yeah, and before I forget.. RSS/Atom bitches!.. you know you want to.. Choose your flavor: RSS | RSS2 | RDF | Atom

Jason (erisian) –


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